Film review: ‘Nine’ (2009)

I recently watched ‘Nine‘, a musical set in Italy starring Daniel Day-Lewis. Technically the latter should be all that’s required to guarantee a good film. However, apparently even DDL has his off days.

The background plot is as follows. Daniel Day-Lewis plays troubled genius, Guido Contini, who made it big in Italian cinema, has since had a few ‘flops’ and is currently getting ready to start filming his comeback in ten days, which he hasn’t written yet. The main plot, however, centres upon Guido trying to juggle all the adoring women in his life: his mother (Sophia Loren), wife (Marion Cotillard), mistress (Penelope Cruz), seamstress (Dame Judi Dench), star (Nicole Kidman) and the reporter with a crush (Kate Hudson). Oh and Stacy Ferguson (Fergie) makes an appearance in some of the bizarre (and predictably black and white) flashback sequences.

Unlike the film, I’ll keep the review brief. If you like musicals, you may like this. If you don’t like musicals, don’t put yourself through it. It feels longer than the three hours duration, the songs are predictable and the story itself is uneventful, uninspiring and almost completely without interest. I say almost because some of the sets are very aesthetically pleasing.


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