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Sitting on a Bench (written by Cranial Farting)

Sitting on a Bench You wake up in the morning and push the soft duvet away from your face. You feel the unfamiliar warmth of the sun pierce your skin as you remember how transparent your eyelids are capable of being. As you ride the bus the sun reminds you that he's still with you the best he can by squeezing his way through the shatter-proof glass to the left of your head and perching upon your shoulder. Today is going to be a good day. The recording of the woman … Read More

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Eat Your Language, Sir (via Sarah Baram)

mucho bueno! :):-

Eat Your Language, Sir This morning I had the pleasure of sitting at a local IHOP with no other company than a wonderful waiter and one of my newest textbooks. I sat studiously taking notes, leisurely sipping at a coffee and eating my usual fruitful Danish crêpes. The textbook at my side during the breakfast has become a particularly new venture of mine, Spanish. I have always been enthralled by the language and culture but never ventured beyond the word taco language … Read More

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