Anger – keep it in or let it out?

Today I had a conversation about anger with a colleague in which, ironically, I laughed until I cried and nearly slipped from my chair in the process, laughter somehow leaching all strength from my limbs. Go figure.

Anyway, the point of this post is to ruminate on the relative merit of my colleague and I’s differing responses to anger and how we deal with it. At the time of the anger, she —whenever possible— violently bakes …

…and I batten down the hatches and seethe, hoping that no one I actually like makes it into the blast radius…

…(while secretly hoping that someone I don’t like does).

When discussing the anger-inducing situation later on, I attempt to retell events in a calm manner and not let myself get re-wound up

please note: irony of using Clint Eastwood to represent calm retelling

my colleague just lets rip with a full-volume retelling complete with wild gesticulations, but injects humour into the retelling.

So which is the better method? Seemingly uncontrolled venting which can be, frankly, scary for the audience OR theoretically controlled bottling which may indeed backfire if just enough additional pressure is added inside the bottle?

  1. I think I would be less scared of an angry ranting person if they baked me things :)

  2. Cathartic baking! That’s amazing. I suppose knowing you’re going to get cake kinda compensates for knowing you’re more likely to get shouted at.

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