Learning Polish would have been easier with these tables from the start

This post is purely so I can upload a few images. These are tables that I’ve put together over the last 19 months that I’ve been learning Polish. There are plenty of example declensions out there, e.g. all the different versions of krzesło (chair) – and I’m not knocking how useful they are, after all, some declension are not at all obvious – but it it really useful to have just the endings in a single table to refer to when trying to speak on the fly.

So here they are. They’re not exhaustive, but they are a good place to start. I hope some of you find them useful. Feel free to download, print out, etc.


  • Cells with ‘—‘ in indicate no change from the nominative/1st case for that gender and number.
  • Only the endings are given, plus some of the rules you can use for working out which one you need within a given gender.
  • I have rarely included the consonant/vowel changes that occur in the rest of the word as it made the tables far too complex and cluttered, e.g. 1st/nom ‘miasto’ > 6th/locative ‘mieście’ (things like that really make you appreciate that languages evolve: they are planned).

Noun declension by gender:

nouns by gender

Noun declension by singular/plural

nouns by sg pl

Adjective declension by singular/plural

adjectives by sg pl

Online resources for learning polski:

Babbel – available for web or mobile. This app is brilliant, far better than Rosetta Stone, for Polish at least.

Reddit – Learn Polish

Wikibooks – Polish

Polish Forums – Polish in a Nutshell – covers the ‘slightly less scary part of Polish’ and the ‘evil noun system’


Basic Polish Intermediate Workbook (Routledge)

Intermediate Polish Grammar Workbook (Routledge)

Polish Essential Grammar (Routledge)

Polish for Dummies

And many many more…

Baw się dobrze!


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