About: The Third Word

Why am I blogging?

I started because I had to as part of my university course, BA (Hons) Communication and Media. I continued because actually I quite enjoy it ;):-

Why ‘The Third Word’?

This comes from a riddle: There are three words ending in ‘-gry’. One is ‘hungry’, the second is ‘angry’. What is the third word in the English language?

Is this stuff copyrighted?

Yes and I assert my right to be acknowledged as the author of all the work and writing contained in this blog. Citing me is fine, stealing from me is not. Bournemouth University has a guide to Harvard referencing, including blogs, here and the University of New South Wales has a guide to Oxford referencing here.

Where’s the info about me?

On my twitter, here.

p.s. I update entries that, on later reflection, seem incomplete or were started in a university workshop or if I get something wrong and someone tells me (and proves it).

p.p.s. Comments are welcome, trolls are not.

p.p.p.s. I do have a blogroll, it just doesn’t show up with every theme:):-

p.p.p.p.s. I understand that to anyone who hasn’t read much Terry Pratchett, this ridiculous multiplication of p’s is not that funny.

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