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‘Ad Meliora – Fragment I’ – text: Geo S. Willis, audio: Dan Clarke

Now, I don’t generally post my fiction online, but in honour of the fact that someone (Dan ClarkeForge Audio Designs) has actually written a musical score —and this score fits like a glove— for the first Fragment of my creative dissertation, I feel I should. So here it is:

So click on that and then read the piece below, but don’t rush…

Ad Meliora

Fragment I

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see…”

“Why won’t you tell me?” Askel pads along beside her barefoot. The corridor white, clean, safe.

“Because it would ruin the surprise…” she replies mischievously.

The blindfold is tight, but he can see his own feet. Soon he begins to smell chlorine. Before he can ask if they’re at the swimming room the blindfold is off. There is no one else there. The whole room is a pool, no edges, just a sloping floor from his feet to the far wall.

“Are we allowed to be here?”

“Of course,” she tells him, removing her robe and stepping into the water.

He baulks for a second, but his adolescent body senses an opportunity. Quickly he strips too and joins her in the water. Laughing and splashing, it’s several minutes before he realises the door has sealed. He looks to her in query.


Before he could speak, the pool cover slid out from the tiles at the sloped edge of the pool, decapitating the crests of the water on its way toward him. He’s not panicking yet, but he feels an edge. He swims to the far wall looking for her, but she is gone. The cover slides onward, he’s got just metres left. He tries to pull himself up on the vertical surface, but it’s futile. Seconds. Get cut in half or to go underneath it? He takes a deep breath, ducks beneath.

The cover closes, seals shut. There’s no room beneath it. His lungs suck the oxygen out of his last breath with greed. He feels his epiglottis clamp shut as he claws at the cover. Chest heaving, blood rushing to his head, struggling to keep afloat. His lungs feel like they will explode.  Desperately he crams his face against the cover trying to salvage any air, but it is useless. As the oxygen in his limbs runs out he starts to sink. Beside him, she reappears. She is not struggling. She treads the currents beneath the water with ease, her hair undulating around her.

He feels the skin and muscles of his neck straining, feels it tearing open. His fading vision shows her indicating first her neck and then his.

She has gills.

© Geo. S. Willis. All rights reserved.

So, that’s the first Fragment — comments and queries welcome :):-

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Video: Lady Gaga and the ethos behind the Grammys egg

Lady Gaga appeared last night on Jay Leno’s show. Apart from speaking of her admiration of Madonna (8:26) and thus acknowledging the honking great elephant in the room RE: Express Yourself/Born This Way, Gaga also explained the ideology behind her by now infamous mode of entrance at the Grammys (10:34)

The performance we did last night at the Grammys was… and what we’ve been doing with the egg and the rebirth… It’s meant to signify an artistic statement of birthing a new race and it’s a race with no prejudice. A race within the race of humanity that bears no prejudice against anyone. That’s really the statement in itself.

With specific reference to my last post about diversity and tolerance, I fully appreciate this sentiment (as fantastical as it may seem) and I hope the movement behind Gaga –who has done more for the self-acceptance of the ‘freaks and monsters’ of the world than anyone is recent history– continues to grow and gain strength.

Here’s the full interview:

Webcast anyone? Ani Difranco and Amanda Palmer play live…

Sad to say, but I have found hole in the well-oiled WordPress machine. I wanted to share a couple of webcasts by some excellent, outspoken female artists, but the WordPress video embedding tool does not seemingly allow for these and I cannot yet fathom how to tinker the html code to make it work. Nevertheless, follow the links below and you will experience a feast for the ears, not to mention two uncharacteristically joyous performances from two of the most impassioned and political (without going into thirty minute why-did-I-pay-so-much-money-for-a-gig-only-to-be-talked-at? U2-style lectures) artists still above the daisies.

Ani DiFranco —ever resistant to the cooing of mainstream record labels— has been releasing folk-based music since 1990 on her own label, Righteous Babe Records and is known for her ardent views on politics, feminism, sexuality, freedom and democracy.

Ani DiFranco’s webcast is here.

Amanda ‘f*cking’ Palmer is perhaps better known as one half of the The Dresden Dolls, a Brechtian Punk Cabaret two-piece. In either vestige, Palmer’s music is known for its provocative, biting satire. No stranger to the webcast, Palmer is in this one celebrating her release from her record label.

Amanda Palmer’s webcast is here.


Because you can never have enough dirty dark D&B…

When thinking of the music genre Drum & Bass, one of the last things that springs to mind is Marilyn Manson. But then it has also been said that the proverbial and ubiquitous ‘you’ can find anything on YouTube…

I found this in the list of suggestions while watching the Jason Nevins FFVII-AC remix of N.E.R.D.’s Rock Star. The original tune is Marilyn Manson’s theme tune for the Resident Evil films. The Drum N’ Bass remixer is sadly unnamed, but the video can be found on this channel. I think this video may have been the reason I ended up watching the films.

And because you can never have enough dirty dark music of any genre, here’s the N.E.R.D. Rock Star remix too :):-

Have a nice day :):-

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