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Choose life, choose a nap, choose sleeping for eight hours a night

Over the last 3 months, studies have shown what students, children and cats have known all along – napping is good.

Proper, full-blown, all night sleeping, as we all know, is good too. A story in The Guardian today reports on studies from the University of Warwick and the Federico II University medical school in Naples which show that consistently having less than six hours sleep a night significantly increases a person’s chance of premature death (as does having consistently more than nine hours per night). Why both? Because, according to the University of Warwick’s Professor Francesco Cappuccio, while a lack of sleep can lead to ill-health, excessive sleep is often an indicator of existing ill-health. As noted in the study, earlier research has linked health risks such as heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes to lack of sleep.

But it’s the naps that are the real inner victory for students, children and cats. Another study, by the University of California Berkeley, reported in February (by The Independent and The Telegraph among others) shows that afternoon naps boost brain power and memory. The reason being that napping after lunch allows the hippocampus to properly file all the information it’s been fed over the day so far. Professor Walker of the University of California Berkeley explains thus:

It’s as though the e-mail inbox in your hippocampus is full and, until you sleep and clear out those fact e-mails, you’re not going to receive any more mail. It’s just going to bounce until you sleep and move it into another folder.

So the point? Sleep well, live well, live long.

Have a nice nap:):-

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