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Photos: Mudfight!

Remember when you were a kid at school and there was even the vaguest hint of a scuffle somewhere on the playground? Everyone would flock to see what was going on and to chant ‘fight! fight! fight!’ at the brawlers until a teacher came over to put a stop to it. Well apparently that behaviour is not limited to playgrounds, nor to children.

These photos are from an incident very similar in formula to that above, but this time involving adults and a lot of mud. What started as a few people watching a playful mud-slinging contest ended up as a dense ring of onlookers. It even made it to the big screens by the stage.

The victor…

The usurper…

The reassertion of victory…


Because you can never have enough dirty dark D&B…

When thinking of the music genre Drum & Bass, one of the last things that springs to mind is Marilyn Manson. But then it has also been said that the proverbial and ubiquitous ‘you’ can find anything on YouTube…

I found this in the list of suggestions while watching the Jason Nevins FFVII-AC remix of N.E.R.D.’s Rock Star. The original tune is Marilyn Manson’s theme tune for the Resident Evil films. The Drum N’ Bass remixer is sadly unnamed, but the video can be found on this channel. I think this video may have been the reason I ended up watching the films.

And because you can never have enough dirty dark music of any genre, here’s the N.E.R.D. Rock Star remix too :):-

Have a nice day :):-

The atheist delusion video

Many thanks to Peter Harrison for [en]lightening my day today :):-

Interesting deviation – ‘We Are The World – Haiti’

Finally stumbled across this video. Star-studded is an understatement.

Interesting deviation @ 5.51, certainly drags it into the 21st C. ;):-

Possibly would visually have had more emotive power if the Haitians (mostly seen dancing and smiling against ambiguous backdrops) had looked less happy than the celebrity singers (pouring their hearts out).

Nevertheless… Good effort.

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