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Because you can never have enough dirty dark D&B…

When thinking of the music genre Drum & Bass, one of the last things that springs to mind is Marilyn Manson. But then it has also been said that the proverbial and ubiquitous ‘you’ can find anything on YouTube…

I found this in the list of suggestions while watching the Jason Nevins FFVII-AC remix of N.E.R.D.’s Rock Star. The original tune is Marilyn Manson’s theme tune for the Resident Evil films. The Drum N’ Bass remixer is sadly unnamed, but the video can be found on this channel. I think this video may have been the reason I ended up watching the films.

And because you can never have enough dirty dark music of any genre, here’s the N.E.R.D. Rock Star remix too :):-

Have a nice day :):-


Video: ‘Resident Evil – Afterlife’ trailer

As zombie films go, it would be fair to say that the blood & guts count in the RE films is low to nonexistent. Though certainly worth the time spent watching them, the first film (2002, written and directed by Paul Anderson) was more slick than scary and Apocalypse (2004, w: Paul Anderson, dir: Alexander Witt) was more than a little cheesy. However,  Extinction (2007, w: Paul Anderson, dir: Russell Mulcahy) went quite some way to redeeming the film endeavours and was the largest grossing of the three films, reaping $147,717,833.

Resident Evil – Afterlife is again written and directed by Paul Anderson, but this film has something more to offer than just zombies, ass-kicking and killer scenery. This film will be doing it in 3D. The plot follows Alice (Milla Jovovich) as she attempts to free a group of people trapped in an LA prison that is  surrounded by zombies. Chris Redfield (Wentworth Miller) is one of the potential rescuees. Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) also returns to aid Alice in her fight against the Umbrella Corporation.

From the sneaks, peeks and leaks so far, it looks like it’s going to be awesome, but what remains to be seen in September when it hits cinemas (in the States at least) is whether they’ve produced a great movie or just a great 3D movie. The trailer for the fourth installment was premiered in San Francisco on April 2nd 2010 and looked (albeit here only in 2D) like this:

SNS timeline

This week the ubiquitous Google has reeled out another extension to its empire, the social networking site, Google Buzz.

Social networking sites (SNSs) are web services allowing people to create semi-public profiles within a bounded system; create a list of users with whom they share a connection and can interact; view and traverse their list of connections and those made by others within the system. Here’s a look at the potted history of the humble beginnings and not-so-humble global takeover of the SNS.

1997: launched by A. Weinrich, allowing users to create profiles.

1998: SixDegrees allowed surfing other users’ Friend lists, the first community site (the SNS’s previous incarnation) to do this.

1999: LiveJournal, AisanAvenue and BlackPlanet launched

2000: despite millions of users, SixDegrees closed due to insustainability. LunarStorm relaunched as SNS.

2001: Ryze launched.

2002: Fotolog, Friendster and Skyblog launched.

2003: Couchsurfing, LinkedIn,, Last.FM, Hi5, Open BC/Xing all launched, but notably so did MySpace, whose Santa Monica launch at the time was barely noticed. MySpace was designed to compete with Friendster, Xanga and AisanAvenue.

2004: Flickr, Mixi, Piczo, Orkut, Dogster, Catster, Hyves, Multiply, aSmallWorld, Dodgeball, Care2 (SNS relaunch) and Facebook (Harvard only) launched.

2005: Yahoo!360, Cyworld (China), Ning, YouTube, Xanga (SNS relaunch), Bebo, Facebook (high school networks) launched, AisanAvenue and BlackPlanet relaunched. Bebo became the most popular SNS in the UK, NZ and Australia and many community and dating sites had by now incorporated SNS features.

2006: Windows Live Spaces, Twitter, Cyworld (US), MyChurch launched and Facebook expanded to corporate networks and then to everyone.

2009: Yahoo!360 closed.

2010: Cyworld withdrew US service. Google Buzz launched by….

Information gleaned from: D. M. Boyd & N. B. Ellison (2006) here and the all-knowing Google here.

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